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Moshi Monsters Series 3

Moshi Monsters collectible moshlings.
Series 3 Figures are the third series of Moshi Monsters collectible figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations.
They were released in March 2012

24 normal moshi's to collect and also gold moshlings

Davy Gravy, Frettie Facemelt,Pluck Shredington, Squint Beastford, Squeaky Groanas, Geeky Groanas, Eeky Groanas, Broccoli Spears RARE, 49 Pence RARE, Banana Montana RARE, Herman Crab,Cluekoo, Colonel Catcher RARE, Bug, Ratty, Art Lee, Agony Aunt, Clutch, Rowland Jones, Myrtle, Lenny Lard, Gabby, Nipper